Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lots of Photos

The fire started at 21:30 on Monday evening but I didn't find out untill 2 hours later, hence no dramatic pictures with flames leaping hundreds of feet into the air.

Conway Court Hotel Fire'>Click here for more photos mostly showing the hotel being demolished in double quick time. The hotel was on the top of a cliff and the road below, Torbay Rd, is the busiest in the whole of the Bay. Torquay has had mega traffic jams for the last two days. The road opened this evening so well done Gilpin Demolition for such a speedy job. from fire starting to building safe took only 42 hours which is a bit of a miricle for Torquay.

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retired deriver Peter said...

Howsaboutthat for a bit of excitement on the coast!
Let ujs all hope that Christmas is exciting too but without the destruction
Best of Christmas Wishes David to you and yours and of course all your readers plus a Happy and Prosperous 2012 to everyone