Thursday, 19 January 2012

Concessionary Bus Passes

BUS fares in Torbay could rise and services be axed from April if planned cuts to funding go ahead.

Torbay Council is looking to reduce the amount of money it pays to Stagecoach and other bus firms to support the concessionary bus fare scheme for over-60s.

It is understood the payments could be reduced by as much as a third but the council says negotiations are ongoing and would not confirm any figures.

Stagecoach has said if cuts go ahead, together with a rise in fuel costs, then there would be an 'impact on fares and services for all bus users'.


The above is from the Herald Express . A reader(me) has posted this comment:-

When Gordon Brown as chancellor brought in the concessionary bus passes he said there would be no winners and no losers. By this he meant the bus companies would not make massive profits and local councils would not be out of pocket funding the scheme. Now we have council unable to fund the scheme, bus companies putting fares up and cutting services and people waiting longer or for ever for a bus. He got that seriously wrong didn't he?

It should go back to the original idea of free rides only in the pass holders local area before we lose too many of our bus services. Write to your MP and tell him/her to do something before it's too late.

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