Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Apologises all round.

After having a go at the Highways department re getting and answer within 10 working days I am pleased to announce that I received a full reply to my email at 14:07 today. That's less than one working day so apologises all round. The email is reproduced in part (the important part) below.

Dear Mr Banks

Re Cockington lane Torquay

Cockington Lane will be closed in the One Way Section from Cockington Square where the horse and carriages pick up and drop off up to Nut Bush Lane.

The closure is due to essential drainage works and resurfacing of the highway and will take affect from February 8th-17th 2012.

Traffic will be diverted up Vicarage Hill and onto Herbert Road and then onto Nut Bush Lane.

I hope this answers the question raised.

Yours sincerely

Highways Development Engineer

This is going to affect the Local Link service 62 which goes into Cockington every half hour Monday to Friday from the sea front but leaves along Cockington Lane to Nut Bush Lane. Should be fun on the diversion, Vicarage Lane is very a narrow road.

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