Thursday, 12 January 2012

Great RedBall coming to Torquay

Executive Lead for Tourism and Environment, Cllr Jeanette Richards, said: "I am delighted that Kurt Perschke has agreed to exhibit his world famous RedBall here in Torbay. It is hugely exciting and really helps to put Torbay on the map as one of the most influential, cultural destinations in the UK.

The above is a quote from the web site Creative Torbay.

The world famous RedBall will be in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham from Sat 2 June till Tue 5 June. Cllr Richards went on to say, "whilst I am aware that art, in whatever form is not everyone's cup of tea I would encourage residents and visitors to take this opportunity to witness a worldwide phenomenon."

So now you know.
Actually until 5 minutes before I saw a reference to this world famous RedBall on Twitter I had never heard of it. Shows that I am culturally deficient I suppose. And thank goodness for twitter letting me know about it. And it isn't as big as the great white ball that used to sit on the sea front.


Cabbie J said...

A big red thing blocking an alleyway? Surely that's a stagecoach bus?

David said...

Now, now cabbie j, you know stagecoach buses don't block alleyways; just main roads like Union St and The Strand.

Barry said...

It looks like something out of the TV programme The Prisoner.

Cabbie J said...

I had to, really