Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Couldn't to use the phone so I emailed instead.

Dear Sir/Madam
We acknowledge receipt of your email.
This has now been passed to the Highways Department for Torbay Council, who will be dealing with your enquiry and will provide you with a full response within 10 working days.
Yours faithfully
Highways Department

Above is an email I received at 16:38 this afternoon which is not bad since I only emailed Torbay Highways Department at 16:37.

So why am I a little unhappy? Well first of all, I sent the email to the Highways Department in the first place so there is no need for it to be passed to them, who's doing the passing. Or is it like passing the buck.

 Second; In the email it says I will receive a full response within 10 working days. Ten working days? I only asked them about some forthcoming road works in Cockington Lane, not how come it's been 5 years since the Banjo was shut, any idea when it might open and how much will it cost and could you please hurry up as I'd like to see it open in my life time.  

How can it take so long to answer a simple email? Maybe this explains why people get a bit fed up with our local council. OK, they did also provide me with a phone number but the last time I tried ringing the town hall I spent over two quid for the privilege of being told every 30 seconds that my call was important in-between some crap music. And still didn't get through.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine that reply is simply an automated one sent by their server as soon as they receive the email. So I doubt that anyone would have read your email until you got the proper reply.