Sunday, 29 January 2012

RNLI were in town today

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution were in town to day collecting funds for new lifejackets. The Lifeboat crew (some of them) rowed across from Brixham where the lifeboat is stationed in a very old lifeboat which looked like hard work. The shinny newer lifeboat you can see in the photo came over under it's own power. 17-28 came into operation in 2002 and more info about the boat and the lifeboat station can be found here.
Also at the lifeboat station is a D Class Inshore Lifeboat which was also brought over to Torquay. This time it was the ladies of the lifeboatmen who provided the power, pulling it all the way from Brixham. Lots of effort today from people who give up their time to save lives around our coast. They don't take a penny from central government, relying instead on our generosity to donate what we can. Events like this are designed to remind us next time we have a pint and see a RNLI collection box on the pub counter to drop some of our change in it, even all the change if the mood takes you.

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