Thursday, 26 January 2012

Something you don't see every day

 I went to Paignton Green to day on my daily walk and came across this gentleman with a bird on his arm. It's a female Harris's Hawk, a raptor native to South America. The gentleman in question is from a company called  Stef Peers Falconry and Hawking and for a small fee, as outlined in the bottom photo you can enjoy the thrill of holding and flying this bird. Raptor Rescue, a charitable organisation benefit from this deal. I am not sure if you just turn up or if you need to give then a ring first.
 Nice bird, could do with one in the back garden to get rid of the pigeons.
I did try and find a web page with something about Stef but all I got was a Facebook page with nothing on it, yet.


Cabbie J said...

Every now and then 2 people will bring a similar bird into Union Square to scare away the pigeons there.

Anonymous said...

Hello there I am stef Peers, I came across your article and remembered meeting down the green. I am going to be starting soon the same event but at living coasts torquay with much more birds :) other than that I offer the chance to anyone who wants hands on experience with birds of prey and falconry, there are hunting experience days, any functions i.e weddings and also anyone in need of pest control. the money made from my buisness is 60% donated to a charity and the remaining towards new birds and equipment.
My contact number is: 07866977356