Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day Out in Lyme Regis

Max 19C
Min 7C
It was such a nice, sunny, warm day yesterday that I decided to have a day out and went, courtesy of my wonderful concessionary bus pass, to Lyme Regis. I never been there before and I had heard it was a small but very nice sea side resort with a big cob. Actually it's spelt with capital letters and two bs; The Cobb. It's a breakwater to protect the harbour and basically has been there for hundreds of years though the present structure dates from the mid 19th century. It's a pleasant walk out to the end, in good weather but Meryl Streep managed to get to the end of the Cobb in the film The French Lieutenant's Woman in bad weather so it can be done. It's nowhere as long as the breakwater in Brixham and I feel, a little local pride coming in here, that the views of Brixham are much better than Lyme Regis. You can fish at Brixham as well so if you are coming here and you like fishing then bring your tackle. Bring a camera in any case.
The trip from Torquay took about two and a half hours, first the X46 at 09:30 to Exeter, arrived at 10:32, then FirstBus Dorset X53 Jurassic CoastLynx which if you have the stamina will take you all the way to Poole. (About 5hours). It runs every 2 hours so make sure you don't miss the returning bus.
Also I went past a few petrol stations, everyone must have filled up already because though they were busy none had queues out into the road as was reported elsewhere yesterday. And DON'T even think about stockpiling petrol in plastic jerry cans. They are for emergency and short term use only.


Cabbie J said...

I used to live in Wellington and would take 4 connecting local buses to Weymouth, which would take me through Lyme Regis.

It's an excellent drive and to be honest, best done on a bus. The views around Lyme Regis are really something.

Anonymous said...

The X53 is the longest bus route in England

Hotels in Torquay said...

Great tip for backpackers! The bus runs every two hours , no need to wait that long! You can time your site seeing trip without the bus leaving you.

David said...

I can easily believe the X53 is the longest bus route in England. Even Weymouth would be a bit too far never mind Poole. I might get of at Seation next time, it looked OK, the few seconds we stpped there for.

Cabbie J said...

Seaton is a nice place - the tramway is certainly worth a look at if its still open.