Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hot Weather, Cold Pasties.

Sunny, dry, Min 9C Max 20C

Max temperature in my back garden today was 20.5C which isn't bad for the end of March. It's nice but should we be worried that the weather is getting weirder. In other words is the rise in global temperature causing the climate to do strange, extreme things or is this just a nice start to the year. Has it rained recently where you live for instance? Should all those people who, according to the newspapers today, where buying jerry cans to stock pile petrol be filling them with water instead for the coming drought?
Actually, on my travels through The Bay today I went past 4 petrol stations. None of them had the vast queues of motorists desperate to buy petrol before the strike ( I should say possible strike) by the tanker drivers causes the pumps to run dry. This could be because of one of three possible reasons. One, people here in Torquay don't panic. Two, we'd sooner spend our money on Cornish pasties that have gone up by 20% for some strange reason or three, we're all too skint, coming from the unemployment capital of the UK, to buy petrol at 1.45 a litre. (£6.58 a gallon) Note; if your car does 40 miles per gallon it will now cost 1 pound to drive 6.07 miles.
Talking of pasties, I'm thinking of setting up a stall in Fleet Street out side one of the pasty shops. People can go and buy a cold take-away pasty, no VAT, and for a small fee I'll put it in a microwave oven and heat it up. I wonder how long it would take Mr Obscene, sorry Osborne to plug that lope hole. A lot quicker, I expect, than it will take him to plug even one tax avoidance scheme that keeps the filthy rich, well, filthy rich.


Cabbie J said...

I remember at the convenience shop just up from the council offices in Castle Circus, you could buy a pot noodle and have it cooked for you there. Nice little touch but not seen anything similar since.

With regards to fuel stations, they started getting busy after lunch time.

I've been telling people to leave their cars alone while they have SOME fuel left, and only bring it out when the fuel actually runs dry (if that happens, anyway).

Tesco on Teignmouth Road, and Sainsbury's in the Willows have been closed for part of the day, too.

I don't suppose you'd happen to know roughly how much fuel Stagey keeps at Regent's Close (or wherever their fuel is)?

Would be interesting to know how long it would take for them to run out if the worst happens. Can imagine all sorts of chaos if that happens. First fill up at Sainsburys, so Local Link will be out.

Seems like I'd last longer than the fuel stations anyway - I keep a full tank anyway and worked out I could JUST scrape a (short) week if I stopped filling up. The average motorist could last just under a month by my reckoning.

David said...

Stagecoach have two tanks, one at the depot in Regent Close and one at Paignton. Both are full of diesel but I have no idea how much they contain. I know last time there was a problem Stagecoach did pull some buses off the road to keep essential services running.
They never actually ran out.