Monday, 26 March 2012

Road Works in Fleet St

On Saturday afternoon I was walking up Fleet St here in Torquay when I noticed some road works. There were right where the number 12 north bound stop is and were causing something of a problem. The stop is on a bit of a bend and traffic coming up Fleet St can not see if there is anything coming down. Stagecoach had the situation covered though. A controller in a high vis jacket was there directing the buses so not too much of a problem.

This afternoon, Monday, I was again in Fleet St and so were the road works, and the buses, and the controller directing traffic, and passengers a little confused as to where to wait for their bus. There was also someone from the council who had no idea there were road works going on in Fleet St. What weren't there, absolutely no where to be seen, were any workmen filling in the hole they had dug. Anyone know why exactly? Have they been abducted by extra terrestrial for sexual probing? Had they all gone to the beach, is was a nice sunny day? Had they forgotten about the hole in Fleet St, after all one hole in the road looks just like any other hole in the road? Or were they working else where on a more important job? I don't suppose we will ever find out.

Mind you, it's sort of what you expect really.


Anonymous said...

Those roadworks are for the new Torbay Tram system

David said...

What a good idea.

Lord Hutton said...

About time they fixed that road. Have a moan at Patrick Carney in Roebuck. That'll learn him;-)

David said...

I've already had a moan at Patrick Carney once this month, twice would be over doing it a bit.