Saturday, 21 April 2012

Loads of Cars In Fleet St

What are all these cars doing driving down Fleet St? Have they all decided to play follow my leader, are they all lost? Well no, there was what the police call "an incident" on Friday evening involving two young men and one knife and Abbey Rd in front of the Central Cinema was closed while the forensic department did an inch by inch search of the area. When I was in Abbey Rd it was taped shut, no one could go through, not even pedestrians. A little sweet, frail old lady wanted to go down to the Post Office Roundabout but even she had to walk 200 yds back up the hill, moderately steep to you and me but a mountain to her.

Sometimes I think the police go a little over the top when roads get closed for long periods of time. I know they have to collect evidence and all that but not letting people walk through a road that had been closed for 15 hours by then seemed a bit mean.
Anyway the traffic moved down Fleet Street with out too much of a problem, mostly because there were no buses coming up Fleet Street, they all had to divert up Belgrave Rd.
There are plans coming out soon for the redevelopment of Fleet Street. They should be interesting. One idea to reduce congestion caused by buses getting stuck at the north bound bus stop as they do now would be to do away with this bus stop completely, it isn't that far a walk to Cary Parade and it is down hill all the way. Soon as the plans are out I will have a look at them and of course pick them to pieces.

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Cabbie J said...

Well there is a very easy way to get around that road closure without requiring traffic to go down Fleet Walk...

I've heard about the northbound stop being binned as well. I've also heard the GPO set-down stop has been taken off and will be changed into something else in the near future, most likely either a disabled parking area (to serve those who park at the bottom of Madrepore Road), or a taxi rank (the GPO rank is a hazard to pedestrians).

Fleet Walk could be smoothed out and made safer if it was re-paved and redecorated in the same manner as the pedestrian section of Union Street, but unfortunately the cost of that would run into the millions.