Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Ride on a B6, P701 BTA

Years ago, when I first started working for Stagecoach the 12 route was covered by Alexandra B6's. Single deckers, carried 50 passengers between Newton and Brixham. Then Exeter needed the B6's to cover a route that had been running Mercs and Ivecos but passenger numbers had grown and the B6 could carry the extra numbers so Torquay lost them and got a load of not very good, quite old Tridents on the grounds that the 12 service wasn't managing with single deckers. In truth, Exeter wonted them and what ever Exeter wanted Exeter got.

Anyway a local bus enthusiast decided to buy 701, the first of the B6's to come into service which was 15 years ago this week. To commemorate that the owner decided to take the bus for a run along the route and invited a few other bus enthusiasts along for the ride.

I went along just for the ride. I used to like driving B6's and was sorry to see them go.

More pictures on Flickr at Torquay Trivia .


DG875 said...

If I'd known I'd have been out with my camera seeing as you were at St Marychurch and presumably went down Babbacombe Road. Never mind I'll catch her in September.

Torbay Bus Routes said...

Great photographical skills from me in the second picture there! Some other pictures on the TBR Blog:

Cabbie J said...

Yeah he goes all over the place. Saw him at Shiphay earlier.

Given Stagecoach in New Zealand still use that livery, and that we export ALX200's, I would imagine there are still a load of those in service in the same colours over there (although I imagine they use MAN chassis).

Anonymous said...

Stagecoach sold New Zealand operations some time ago

Ken, cambs said...

Hello Dave,
If you go to The Steley Collection on Flicker you will find P707,P705 &P712 BTA. You might be driveing one of them.
Kind regards, Ken