Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dead Mouse

There was the mouse, on the table in the living room. Then the cat came bounding in to the room. Now our cat never just walks into a room, he runs every where. Once in the room he sits down in the middle of the room looking pleased with himself while he decides what to do. I don't know why he does this because he always does the same thing. With a sudden bound he jumps on the table. He hadn't seen the mouse but the table had recently been polished and was a bit slippery. Cat just kind off slid into the poor mouse, knocking it of the table. I fell head first, it's tail acting like a somewhat ineffectual parachute and landed will a sickening crack. I knew at once it was dead, it's light forever extinguished. Never again would it move the little arrow around the screen on my netbook computer. I didn't bother trying mouth to mouse resusitation though I did unplug and replug it a few times. No, still dead. A quick look on Amazon, there was a suitable replacement but several days delivery time so onto PC World. They had the same wireless mouse as Amazon and I could nip up to Lowes Bridge and pick it up at once. Last one in the shop.
When I got it home and set it up I wondered why I hadn't gone wireless years ago. so much better with out all that wire getting in the way and so much easier to us. Trouble is, my partner took one look at it and said, " Can I have one of them, please?" So back to PC World for an other wireless mouse, a different make but just as effective.
One problem is it takes an AA battery to make it work and there is a switch underneath and I forget to switch it off so now my desktop looks like this.

Oh and the cat gets shouted at if he jumps on the table. He still jumps on the table anyway.

In keeping with my advertising policy on this blog I should point out that there are other outlets and retailers than the ones mentioned about where wireless mice are available.

PS  A few days later guess what the cat brought in from the garden, and this one wasn't dead.

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