Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bad Weather, Bad Luck and Delays. Plus a couple of other things.

Well it's Saturday night and it's blowing a gale. 60 mph gusts expected tomorrow from the north east so expect the sea front here in Torquay to be closed at some time around high tide which is around midday. The young farmers didn't pick the best weekend to come and wreak the town bus who cares? Torquay United were seconds away from a win that would have given then a 2 point lead over Crawley but gave away a goal in the 97th minute. With one game left United need to win and Crawley lose or draw. If Crawley win then they get promoted and Torquay are at the mercy of the play offs. Exeter are coming down to Division Two next year and Plymouth Argyle after a very rocky season both on and of the pitch managed to win just enough games over the last few weeks to stay in the league.
Spent Thursday and Friday driving a bus once again. Devonian Motor Service 500 on Thursday to Broadsands and Galmpton which was mostly uneventful except for the 3 O'clock run. Galmpton isn't exactly blessed with wide road, particularly around the junior school. When I went to junior school 50 years ago no one came and picked me up in a car after school. I just walked home like everyone else, come hail, rain, smog or shine. And I managed to cross 3 main roads without getting run over.
If you see a sign which says no parking zone then it pays not to park. Anywhere in Cockington that isn't a car park isn't a place to park. Our hard working parking attendants drive into Cocking as often as the 50 service does and it's always nice for them if it isn't a wasted journey.

And finally, it's almost the end of the month and the plans for the revamp of Fleet Street should be on display any day now. Oh yes, there is yet and other delay with the Torwood St development. That must make it delay number 15 in the last 4 years. I wish the council would delay collecting my council tax as often.


Terence said...

Interesting and lovely post.

driving lessons washington dc said...

Bus driving is different from car driving. The former is more advance with needs to master to control the huge vehicle body while the latter is easy to control due to its smaller size.

Cabbie J said...

Kudos to the Jag parked at the end of Sherwell Lane - 3 weeks or so and still accumulating parking tickets. Going for a record?

David said...

Hi Cabbie
We had a guy living in our street a few years ago, about the time NCP took over issuing parking tickets and he used to park on a yellow line even when there was other space available. NCP used to climb up the hill just to put a ticket on his car. He must have got hundreds of tickets. I always wanted to ask why him he didn't seem to care but never got round to it. He couldn't have paid the fines, they must have been for thousands.