Thursday, 21 June 2012

David Cameron is a hypocritical bastard.

 He has a go at Jimmy Carr for legally avoiding paying too much tax but doesn't have a go at his mate Gary Barlow who is doing the same thing. Nor does he have a go at all the rich people and companies who are also doing exactly the same thing. It's only us poor sods on PAYE that end up paying the right amount of tax. Cameron does say he is looking at ways of closing tax avoidance loop holes in income tax law but I have been looking at the wall paper in my bedroom thinking one day I'll do something about it. 13 years I been looking at it and nothing's been done. Successive governments, to be fair, have avoided this issue like the plague and who can blame them. No point in upsetting the rich when some (all?) of their best friends are the rich.

Also lets look at the reason his chancellor, Osborne the Ugly, gave in the last budget for cutting top rate income tax from 50% to 45%. He said if the rate stayed at 50% then people would be more inclined to find ways of avoiding tax than they would at 45%. He then brought in granny tax and pasty tax. Granny tax and pasty tax don't affect the rich and poor people are too poor to afford tax lawyers who can read the 15 000 pages of tax law looking for ways to avoid paying tax. The law could be simplified to state if you earn money in this country you pay tax on it in this country no matter where you live or where the head office of your company is. If you want to appeal against the tax demands the inland revenue make go a head. If you win, fine, but you don't get any costs. If you lose you pay your tax plus the inland revenues cost. Bring that law in and the country could be out of debt in a couple of hundred years instead of the couple of thousand years it is going to take at present rate of progress.

Midsummer's Day and cars were driving along on headlights at 3 pm in the pouring rain. Shame we can't blame the awful weather on Cameron as well.

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