Friday, 22 June 2012

Parking in the wrong place

Two cars with parking tickets in Torbay Rd Paignton yesterday. The grey car is parked in a loading bay but not showing any signs that the driver was loading or unloading which is why it's got a ticket on the windscreen. The black car is parked in a motor cycle bay. Both drivers ignored signs warning them that these two bays were not for cars to park in so it will cost them £35 each, providing the pay up promptly. The driver of the car in the loading bay has only himself to blame, it's clearly marked out and signposted as a loading bay. The motorcycle bay is also marked out but to my mind not as clearly. Many more people park in the motor cycle bay without noticing the signs. So far I have spoken to at least 10 motorists who have been in the possess of parking there and none had seen the signs. Torbay council need to make it more obvious that this once car parking bay has had a change of status if only to improve the public relations status on car parking from very poor to merely poor.

Rained all day yesterday, better today. Glad I'm not in the Isle of Wight, sleeping in a car is not recommended.

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Anonymous said...

A very good blog normally Dave (and congratulations to you for that and long may it last) but this particular subject is, in my opinion, becoming tedious and repetitive. You have more than made your point. Sorry.