Saturday, 23 June 2012

Half Marathon, Banking and The Torch

No more about parked cars unless it is something really spectacular like a car parked on top of the bus.

Sunday morning we have a half marathon here in Torbay, the runners go from Paignton to Torquay and back to Paignton and then do it all again. As the roads are closed to buses and other vehicles during the race (upto 12:00) and this includes about 75% of the Cockington route I can see there could be problems. 12, 12A and X81 services between Torquay and Paignton are going to be diverting as well so it isn't going to be a good morning to be travelling through the Bay. But as usual we will all do our best to provide as normal a service as possible.

The trouble RBS and Nat West have been having paying out money over the last couple of days should be taken as a warning to what could happen if, maybe when, the banking computers all go down at once and for longer than a few days. Maybe the idea of keeping at lest some of your money under the mattress isn't such a far fetched idea after all. It really doesn't bear thinking about but I do hope the banks are thinking about it now and soon start working on a robust contingency plan just in case.

It was interesting this evening on telly watching the Olympic Torch pass through my old home town Manchester. Parts have changed but Cheetham Hill Rd, apart from the bit at the bottom hasn't changed much in 40 years.

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