Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blind Justice.

I was going to spend this post describing my rather frustrating week caused by the failure of the 08:15 12A to run from Torquay to Paignton several times, the malfunction of some traffic lights at the Pelican crossing on Esplanade Rd which caused long delays and constantly meeting the 62 coming out of Cockington. That bus is normally on Optre but this week a longer Dart has been used. Frustrating true; but I then heard the news that once again justice has failed.
Personally I would like to force the 12 members of the jury to each visit the family of deceased newsvendor Ian Tomlinson, and explain how they managed to watch the video we have all seen and decide that the police office used resonable force. and then return a not guilty verdict. Policeman Simon Harwood first struck Mr Thomlinson with a baton from behind and then violently pushed to the ground, also from behind a man who was offering no threat to anyone. Had the police officer been out of uniform and in full view of other police officers and committed this attack he would rightly have been arrested instantly.
The family are now faced with the prospect of taking the matter through a civil court in order to get any sort of justice.
Other news that emerged after the trial was over concerning the record of this police officer's past record makes a mockery of safety checks that are carried out against people working as security guards or with children. If the Met police can not even get their house in order when carrying out checks on people who work as police officers why should we expect or believe they can get any other checks right?


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Be careful in commenting on a legal case that is still Sub Juicy.

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My first comment should read JUDICY. Sorry for error