Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Games Are Here At Last

The best part of the Olympics is over. The Torch Relay has finished. For me this is the best part of the Olympics. Millions of people have turned out through out the country to watch the Flame go by and all for free. Where ever it went ordinary people made an effort to see it pass. So well done to everyone involved, the Torch bearers, those that ran to escort them, the drivers of the support vehicles, the broadcasters who reported it's passing and those who stood at the side of the road to watch it pass in a few moments. Not matter what the opening do is like tonight this will be the high light for me. A bit like the Tour De France, an event for everyone to take part in.

The next best part is this evening, the opening ceremony. A chance for London and the country to show of to the world, a billion people are expected to watch, that's one in every seven of us, and I am sure we will not be disappointed. (Mitt Romley can go back to America now as far as I am concerned.) ( Hope he loses in November.) ( Sure he will.)

After that we have the actual athletics. I'm not all that bothered how they go but it will be nice if the UK win lots of Gold, fingers crossed. Hopefully the nice weather will continue for the next few weeks and everyone who is in anyway connected to the Games will say it was the best ever.

PS. It's Cockington Fayre on Wednesday August 1. If you can tear yourself away from the TV get down there, we will be running two buses all day long to get as many people to enjoy beautiful Cockington as possible so leave your car at home and enjoy a relaxing bus ride to the show.


Anonymous said...

did the torch relay go through Torquay?

David said...

it sure did, second day out, thousands and thousands turned up to see it, you couldn't move along the sea front unless you were carrying a Torch. Sadly the BBC camera feed packed up when it went past where I was standing.