Friday, 28 September 2012

Quick Work Torbay Council

This post does contain a mild swear word, used twice, sorry I know I don't usually use swear words but seeing someone driving up Cockington Lane at 50 mph does tend one towards something a little stronger than, " You foolish chap." 
Anyway to proceed:-
After slagging off Torbay Council last week because they couldn't be bothered putting up road side advanced warning notices re Esplanade Rd Paignton I need to mention some quick reaction by our wonderful council workforce.Late Wednesday evening I sent the Highways Department an email telling them that a light was out on the pedestrian traffic lights at Cockington Lane. This morning (Thursday) I went round the junction at Cockington Lane at 10:15 and the bulb had been replaced. I was presently surprised. I hope they will react just as quickly when I send them an email about the tree that has come down in Cockington Lane it's self. Only the top 6 feet are sticking out in to the road but the road isn't exactly wide along there. One moment of mirth this afternoon by the above mentioned tree. I was coming out of Cockington and getting close to the tree, there was a pedestrian walking down the lane* so I was going pretty slowly which was a good job because some dickhead in a red car came up the lane doing about 50 mph. I just stopped, there was room for said dickhead to get past but he had to drive through the protruding branches of the fallen tree.
Country lanes are killing fields, more than half the people killed on UK roads die in country lanes and with idiots like this dickhead I'm not suprised.

* There is a really nice footpath running parallel to the Lane, much prettier and a damn sight safer so if you are walking to or from the village please use the path.


Cabbie J said...

Imagine my surpise when after passing Eagle Farm on the way back into Newton Abbot on the A380, the traffic ground to a halt for a broken down Stagecoach bus -- one of the new Enviros, too!

charter bus in toronto said...

UK roads are wider but since vehicles are faster as racing car, then it becomes a dangerous road. Drivers must slow down and pedestrians must be cautious.