Friday, 5 October 2012

Parking in Cockinton Lane

Cockington Lane is, in places, quiet a norrow lane and there are several passing places. Some have signs saying No Parking Passing Place but on the same post, to save money, there are signs saying Restricted Zone, No Parking Good Friday to 30 Sept. The second sign seems to suggest that it is OK to park here after the 30 Sept and people are parking in the passing places which can make it tricky to get through with the bus.
Why Torbay council don't make it free parking in the car park and simply ban park in the lane completely is beyond me. Mind you it will only be a problem for us until the end of this month when we stop running into Cockington completely.  Sad but true, I shall miss it.
The photo of the parked cars was taken for me by a regular passenger.


DG875 said...

Hi Dave, is this the end of Devonian? or just end of the season?

David said...

I am sorry to say that on 31 October Devonian Motor Services will cease trading and I will be retired again.

DG875 said...

Sorry to hear that news Dave, it's a very difficult world out there at present.