Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The New Palm Tree.

Here are 3 photos of the TREE. That's the 7 grand tree or if you are even more up to date with jargon it's the tree that cost the people of Torbay 7K. And nobody asked us. Personally I think palm trees are the ugliest trees on the planet, Why not an oak tree or the other iconic tree we have here in Torbay, the Monterey Pine. There are more Monterey Pine trees in Torbay than palm trees, go and count them if you don't believe me. Seven grand isn't much when you compare it with the council's whole budget but it would have kept the 50 service running for an other year and more people would have noticed the bus service to beautiful Cockington.

Coming from Newton Abbot

Leaving Torquay
I bet most people driving past will be too busy watching the traffic to even give the tree a first glance never mind a second glance. And it's going to be pulled down in 3 years time to make way for the new road. Okay, it's in a pot but tree roots have a strong urge to break out of pots. If that happens then the tree can't be easily moved.


Cabbie J said...

The money spent on the tree came from the gateway fund, and not the general tax pot - had they not spent the money on the tree it would have only gone on something else along Riviera Way. And when you're talking about infrastructure, 7 grand buys you bugger all - it wouldn't have even paid to manicure the foliage along the road.

I'm sure you can appreciate the scale of economy in local government. That sort of money doesn't really go far when its passed from department to subdepartment, to contractors and steering agencies. Holding a referendum to decide whether the tree should be bought would have easily cost much more than the tree itself.

If you're worried about money wastage, look at the council's transport budget. The sort of money they fritter away there makes me a little bit dizzy.

I can see where you're coming from with the choice of tree though - its not even a Torquay palm. I think it looks fine but you have to ask what the relevance is.

Anonymous said...

your only moaning because you want tthe council to continue throwing money at the 50 bus route so you can get paid for driving an empty bus around all day. Besides, having that palm tree helps create a flavour of a seaside area, something they most probably dont have in Dudley, Wolverhampton, etc.