Friday, 16 November 2012

Palm Tree and Banjo

A couple of photos that just about sum up Torquay at the moment.

The blue wall has been resurrected from Rock Walk and put up round the Banjo. Those with long memories will remember that the Banjo was reopened with much publicity by our elected mayor earlier this summer. Now it's closed again while the top bit is cut down. Well it was only closed for 6 years last time, how long will it be closed this time.

The other photo is the palm tree at the entrance to Torbay. There was an item in the paper stating it had been vandalised recently. There was even a photo to show that bits had been pulled off the trunk. My photo was taken the day it was erected, if that is the right word, and it clearly shows bits missing even then.

Now, and I don't have a photo, the tree has been wrapped up for the winter. The whole tree is covered in sacking and it looks like a big phallus symbol. And it's still flood lit at night.

Sorry Mr Mayor, what ever your name is, this has been one great big PR disaster for you and Torbay.

PS Well done to the 83% of you that didn't vote and so expressed your contempt for David Cameron and his big idea for a new way of running the Police. (at the same time hiding the fact that our police service will be so underfunded as to be almost totally ineffective.)



Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for this nonsense. On the radio I heard the usual stuff about fighting wars to ensure the right to vote. I agree, but I will use my vote when we have a true democracy, and not the creeking sham of a system we currently have. Anyone know who voted in the so-called 'special advisers' to ministers, by the way?

retired driver Peter said...

I did vote, for the only candidate in my area who had previous Police career rather than a retired (Labour)MP or a Conservative who in his blurb seemed to talk nothing but politics. I do not agree with the system -after all why break up something that is reasonably good? because I don't want Politicians ruling the police roost.My Grandaughter and her boyfriend are in the Police and they are against the new system.
Despite my vote the retred labour MP got in.