Saturday, 1 December 2012

far Far Away, just in Time

On Tuesday 20 Nov I caught the train to London and then to the airport to board a flight to my second home, no not a bus depot but Australia. I got there on Thursday and heard that the train line between Devon and the rest of the world had been washed away and that mudslides had even swept through Torquay itself. Not good weather you are having back home. Much warmer here. I have never been here for Christmas before and Christmas decorations in the middle of summer  are a form of jet lag. I've been down to the beach a couple of times but no bbq yet. What I did have to do was ring Santander and ask them why my debit and credit cards weren't working. I was told I should have let them know I was leaving the EU but they promised they would work. Still took 3 phone calls.

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