Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kingskerswell By Pass

I have no idea if there has been any visable work done on the by pass, it's been far too cold for me to journey that far to find out. After super hot Sydney, Torquay might not be getting the snow the rest of the country is but it's still bloody cold.


DG875 said...

You will be surprised how much work is going on at the Newton end, many trees cut down, large parts ofback gardens taken over with new fences. Aller Cottages gone.

Roman remains found on the route opposite Barn Owl Pub where they demolished a couple of houses.

It's all go! and they've started work to demolish the old GA building at St Marychurch.

David said...

Thanks for that DG, if the weather isn't too bad I might have a look up there tomorrow.