Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kingskerswell Bye Pass

There was no snow once again here in beautiful downtown Torquay so I decided to have a look at the area around Aller Brake to see what was happening with the Kingskerswell Bye Pass. Lots of trees gone on both sides of the road. It is in this area between Aller Brake Rd and the road that goes down to The Barn Owl pub that the most complicated part of the bye pass will be. If I am reading the plan correctly traffic coming out of Aller Brake Rd and wanting to turn towards the Penn Inn will have to turn left, drive towards Kingskerswell along a 14 foot wide road, with passing places and negotiate a right turn onto the existing Newton to Torquay road and then get through 3 roundabouts before ending up heading for Newton Abbot. There is an other way round so that shouldn't be too much of a problem
Buses coming out of Newton will have a fairly straight forward drive to get back on the existing road somewhere near the turn off to Coffinswell. Not sure about a bus stop at Aller Brake Rd though. The problem the 12 will face will be at the Scott's Bridge end where they will have to get onto a roundabout full of traffic coming of the bye pass and heading into Torquay. Coming from Torquay the 12 will have 3 roundabouts to get round, left at the first and right at the next two. Again no sign of a bus stop at Aller Brake Rd
Lots of tree gone as I have said to speed traffic up by a few miles an hour and a long time for drivers to make their way through the road works that will appear in the coming months. I shall watch with interest and my camera.
A link to the plan can be found here

Just found out that the bus stop at Penn Inn heading for Torquay will be bagged up until Easter.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day David!
We went into the city and saw lots of vintage buses and cars. The buses were double decker. Also many people were swimming around Sydney Cove as part of the Aus Day biathalon.

It was pretty hot in Hyde Park.