Friday, 15 February 2013

As Expected

As expected Fleet St will not be open to buses on Tuesday as originally promised. The new date is 19 March which isn't just a few days late but a whole month. Still best to get it right first time than have to go back and do it all over again.

This set back coupled with the reinforcing of the sea wall at Livermead and the closure of Paignton Bus Station means there could be on going delays the some of our bus services here in the Bay over the next few weeks. Paignton Bus Station shouldn't be too much of a delay, the problem will be the extra walking passengers will be faced with. It might even turn out the temporary arrangement are better than having the bus station which could be sold off to Tesco (or some other supermarket chain). or maybe turned into a multistory car park.

PS Will the new bus station have much needed public toilets? Please.

PPS Remember the hotel in Warren Rd, over looking the Princess Theatre, that burnt down ages ago?
Well CW the demolition experts have just moved in to clear the site ready for rebuilding. Probably a block of apartments. CW will be there for 3 months so it's a big job.

PPS Hands up those of you who can tell the difference between beef and horse without the aid of a DNA testing kit.


Ben Austin Williams said...

Hi David,

Been told No toilets are going to be there. Just a new roof. Madness but still and the plans don't look much better if I am honest.

Cabbie J said...

I thought I'd save Stagecoach the hassle and draw up a new service map for the number 12: