Thursday, 14 February 2013

Paignton Bus Station

The much loved and even much more slagged off Paignton Bus Station is about to under a slight upgrade stating on Monday 18 Feb. So there will be no buses in the bus station until some time in May this year. As if there wasn't enough going on at the moment with Fleet St and Livermead. While the work is going on you can still board or alight from the buses that usually use the bus station either in Hyde Road or Great Western Road if staying in Paignton or heading for Brixham or Plymouth. If you are heading for Torquay and Newton then opposite the Post Office in Torquay Rd .

The Stagecoach Travel shop in the bus station will remain open while the work is going on.
Full details of where the various bus stops will be located can be found at Torbay Bus Routes excellent and informative web site by clicking here.

Personally I think this upgrade should have been done when it was first suggested, which was some time in 1957 I think. Hopefully there will be loads of controllers on hand for the first week or so to help the bewildered passengers find their buses.

PS Are there going to be any public toilets on this new 21st century bus station or are the passengers still going to have to take a 3 minute walk to find somewhere to relive themselves?

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