Friday, 22 March 2013

A Rainy Day in Torbay

A few days ago, on March 18, I mentioned that the sign on the bus stops going down Fleet St to the Harbour said the buses weren't coming along Fleet St due to road works until Feb 19. Someone at Stagecoach had forgotten to update the notices.

Well today when I went down I noticed that the sign had been change. It now says that buses will not be stopping until further notice. I was quiet pleased. In a small way I was still helping to improved the wonderful bus service we have here in the Bay.

If you don't think it is wonderful then try using buses in other towns the same size as Torbay and you will see what I mean.

Then on to the Strand where I caught a bus to Livermead to see if the sea was crashing over the sea wall. The sea front at Livermead you may remember was in line for some repairs due to it's fragile state. The work there should have taken 6 weeks and involved blocks of stone weighing 4 tonnes being placed in front of the existing sea wall. There was some work done there but no sign of blocks of stone of any size. And the sea was crashing over the sea wall. Dramatically.

However while I was on the bus I saw a notice relating to Fleet St which I took a photo of. A passenger asked me if I understood what the notice meant so I explained it to her. From Monday March 25 Buses will be going up Fleet St from the Strand, the 32, and from Cary Parade, the 12, 12A, 31 and 34 plus the Local Link buses. However the buses coming down from Union St would still be diverting via Abbey Rd, Tor Church Rd, Lucius St and Belgrave Rd as at present. Until further notice. Which is probably why the notice on the bus stops going down Fleet St had been changed. Nothing to do with me at all. Sad.

Remember, if you click on the photos it will enlarge them.
PS Personally I don't think the notice on the bus was all that clear.

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