Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dangerous White Van Driving

This is a photo I got from the web showing the sort of driving that I had hoped people wouldn't do in such dangerous conditions. Now it could be possible that both vehicles were stationary when this photo was taken but the position of the windscreen wipers and the headlights being on suggests that the car and van are both moving.

Given that the road is covered by snow and probably ice then the position of the BT van less that 2 metres behind the car shows that BT still employ idiots.

If the vehicles were indeed stationary, or the van had broken down and being towed by the car, which I doubt, then my apologies to both BT and the van driver.


Anonymous said...

I well remember an old saying:
'....if in doubt find out. If you can't find out, leave out!'
It has saved me many times over the years!

Cabbie J said...

The photo was taken in Ireland. You ever driven on Irish A/B roads? This is normal.