Sunday, 17 March 2013

Come on England?

Saturday lunch time I went for a walk round the harbour and found out that the Landseer didn’t sink, slightly sad about that, I was hoping for a scoop. I did find it tied up on one of the pontoons near the Haldon Pier with all the seaweed scrapped of its hull. Not sure why it was moved, maybe something to do with the fact that the inner harbour is going to be change slightly. The buoys that each boat ties up to at present are to be replaced by pontoons so boat owners will be able to walk out to their boats instead of having to get one of those plastic bath tubs from the slipway and paddle precariously out to their boat. Maybe more boats will get used in the future. This pontoon system is used in the outer harbour but somehow lacks the romantic look of small boats tied up and bobbing about on the waves.

In the evening I settle down to watch England beat Wales for the Grand Slam and Six Nations Cup. Half time came and I was beginning to concede that the Grand Slam was looking unlikely but still a bit confident the losing margin would be small enough for England to be top of the Six Nations. Then about 10 minutes into the second half I remembered that I had a Welsh grandmother which under International Rugby rules meant I could play for Wales, Well if not exactly play then at least support the winning side.

The other thing I did on Saturday was have a wander down our old friend Fleet Street. As the road is to be open to buses on Tuesday I expected there to be dozens if not hundreds of work persons beavering away in a desperate attempt to fulfil that promise. Did I find the place a hive of activity? Men and machines working in unison to archive to dream?

Did I buggery.



Anonymous said...

When they said fleet street would reopen on the 19th march did they actually state which year! because 2014 is looking more promising

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the rugby match went the way it was supposed to!!!!!