Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maggie, let her rest in peace.

Maggie is dead. Now I didn’t much like Maggie when she was Prime Minister. She did and said things that, at the time seem to suggest she was completely uncaring about people. All she wanted was for the machine, that is the state, to work. The fact that millions lost their jobs and that manufacturing, mining and heavy industry appeared to vanish overnight while she was prime minister didn’t seem to bother her. This was made worse by the rise of the get rich quick yuppie class who made money and spent it just as fast on wine, fast cars and more wine. The poor ex workers meanwhile spent their time in dole queues and hanging about on street corners, when they weren’t out on strike that is. True there are two sides to every story and to some Maggie’s greatest achievement was curbing the power of the unions and her transferring how Europe and on the world saw the UK.

Whatever people feel about her and many are aggressively nasty on twitter and other web sites she is dead and like Hitler and Stalin is beyond any harm.

Let history decide as it will.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
enjoyed reading your comments about Margaret Thatcher while eating my breakfast.
We changed the clocks on Saturday so now you are 9 hours behind us.

I always thought daylight saving was an Aussie invention but someone said it was so the British miners had some daylight when they finished work??? Helen

David said...

Hi Helen,Daylight saving came in during the first world war to save power, shame to waste all that early morning sun shine. We have been trying to get Daylight Saving year round in the UK so it would get darker later in the winter but Scotland doesn't like the idea. Maybe when Scotland becomes independent next year we will get our brighter winter evenings. Here in winter it is dark by 4:30.

Liz Sydney said...

Hi David - yes a lot of negativity on social media re Margaret Thatcher. I just thought of you - I read an article on smh.com.au about a Sydney bus driver who had a group of teenage girls (on his bus) racially abuse a female passenger. He threw them off the bus in the end. It's bad what bus drivers have to put up with, isn't it ?