Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Some Good News About the Weather, at last.

It’s Wednesday 10 April at 22:45 and I have just watched the weather forecast for tomorrow. Some rain but the wind is coming from the South West which is a big change. For the last month it has been an East wind which brings cold air from Siberia. My most often saying so far this year since the middle of January has been, “God, isn’t it cold.” The temperature here seems to have been stuck on a max of 6C with an overnight low of zero.

But not tomorrow, the South West wind brings warmer air and the day time temperature is forecast to be 13C. A heat wave at last. If the forecast is correct then Thursday 11 April will be the hottest day so far this year.

People say global warming isn’t happening and point to the cold weather we have been having and the complete lack of spring. However I happen to know that in Australia they are wondering what has happened to autumn, temperatures in Sydney are still in the mid to high twenties so something is definitely happening to the world’s weather.
If it isn't climate change, what is it?

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