Friday, 5 July 2013

Stupid Email Address

If you had an email address this long would you want to change it to something shorter? Imagine having to type this out every time you wanted to logon in to read your emails. Now think what it would be like having to type this email address if you had never used a computer in your life and had no idea where all the keys on a keyboard were. It would take you so long you would probably give up half way through.

Forty key strokes. Who would make up an email address that long?

Well someone in a job centre did for a customer who told them he didn’t have an email address because he had never used a computer in his life. Did they do it to make life even more difficult for someone who was out of work and needed to register on the Direct Gov. Job site. I would point out that to register on the site the owner of this email address would have to type it out 5 times all together. And it didn’t help having a spelling mistake in the middle of it.

The reluctant owner of the address came to see me looking for help. I took one look at it, well I wasn’t having any of that and made a new email address, shorter and easier to type and remember. It’s what I do.

PS I changed the names in the address to protect the innocent.

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