Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Cassini space satellite  which is travelling round Saturn taking photos of that planet and it's moons will attempt to take a photo of us all whether we like it or not. Don't worry, your human rights aren't going to be infringed because Cassini will be a billion miles away and no one will be shown in enough detail to be recognised even if you are coming out of the local sex shop. This isn't Google Street View having a nosey around, but an ambitious plan by NASA to take only the third such photo of Earth from such a distance. Enjoy, go out at the times below and wave.

Cassini's images of Earth to be included in the mosaic - both wide angle and narrow angle - will be acquired between 21:27 and 21:42 GMT (17:27 and 17:42 EDT) on 19 July. During these times, North America and part of the Atlantic Ocean will be in sunlight. The illuminated parts of the Earth and the Moon will each be no more than one pixel across in the final image
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