Friday, 27 September 2013

Bus Stop in Fleet St

Stagecoach acted quickly and covered over the out of use bus stop going up Fleet St. Mind you, the contractors have only erected one bus stop where there used to be two. New arrangement? Could be, 12,  12a, 31, 32, 34 and Local Link passengers all standing at one bus stop, could get crowded.

If it isn't raining I shall be on the Strand at nine thirty on Monday morning, not to catch the Gold Bus, not on the first day but to see how many other people do try to get on. As there is more leg room there must be fewer seats and I don't expect that standing all the way to Plymouth would be encouraged, not for a 1hour 50 min trip. Difficult to work on your laptop while standing up.

PS If you want to read the timetable on Stagecoach's web page then click on Torbay as your location and GOLD as the route number though I am sure GOLD isn't actually a number.

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