Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thunder and Lightning over Torquay

At 05:45 this morning (Sat) I was woken by an extremely loud bang that didn’t know when to stop. Thunder. A minute later the bedroom was lit up by a flash of lightning and 4 seconds later and other clap of thunder. After 10 minutes of thunder and lightning I decided to get my camera and see if I could get a photo of the lightning.

I soon realised that the light show was at the back of the house which is not much use to me given that there is a great big cliff face at the back that cuts of the view to the south where all the lightning appeared to be coming from.

I persevered with the camera and the two pictures shown here were taken a minute apart. Remember, it was 06:41 and still dark.

I don't like using a flash light to take photos but this is an exception.

PS in 4 seconds sound travels 760 miles and light 752000 miles. Some simple arithmetic and I worked out the flash was about 1500 yards away. Bright wasn't it?


Steve said...

It's funny, we had a storm about the same (local) time, here in Brisbane.

Kathleen said...

It was so loud I thought a house had fallen down outside!