Monday, 30 September 2013


This is the 09:45 Gold service to Plymouth from Torquay. I went down to the Harbour to have a look and take a few photo at this time because it was the first bus out of Torquay that us free bus pass holders could get on without being pestered for cash. I, like one or two other people expected it to be full but when I got there at 09:30 there were only 5 people waiting. True one gentleman had been there since 09:00 to make sure he got a place but it looks like the opening day sale didn't attract the crowds everyone was expecting. Mind you the weather was dull, low mist every where which may have put a few people off.

Looks nice inside, empty but everyone had gone upstairs. When it left, on time, there were 10 people on board, not counting the driver.


Cabbie J said...

The interior looks like something Trago Mills would have decorated.

I see them all the time on the harbour and are rarely full.

Do they have their own ticketing? I would have thought the Paignton-Torquay section would carry some more passengers - the buses always seem to be nearly empty.

David said...

Hi Cabbie J, I was told there would be carpets on the floor, sorry to say no carpets. They do have the same ticket machines as the rest of the fleet and you can use a Torbay Day Rider to go to Totnes and Dartmouth but not beyond Totnes towards Plymouth