Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bus Stop

The buses aren't going up Abbey Road from Fleet St so The two stops near the Central Cinema are presently out of use. You either have to walk up to the top of Abbey Rd or down to Cary Parade or the Harbour.

Stagecoach have put notices on these stops warning passengers of this temporary change but there are some people who pull down these notices and think it a fun thing to do.

Well it isn't. Standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus on a Sunday is never a fun thing to do. Standing waiting at a bus stop that won't see a bus stop there for the next 4 weeks can get kind of frustrating and dull. And a waste of time.

Hopefully Stagecoach will act quickly and get new notices up ASAP.

Something else that isn't fun are these two children busking in Fleet St. I wouldn't mind too much if they were any good.

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