Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumn Has Arrived at Hollicomb Beach

Hollicombe Beach, on the boundary between Torquay and Paignton. No one out there swimming or sunbathing, just a few people walking their dogs on the beach. Something they can only do once September is out of the way.

And one of those badgers who moved the goalposts and got away.

The badger cull being held in Somerset is said to have only shot half the badgers needed to stop the spread of bovine TB from the badgers to cattle. Some scientists, those working for the government, say killing badgers is the only way. Others, who don't depend on the government pay cheque have other ideas. Personally I believe culls on this scale are a waste of time, effort, money and a lot of badgers because all that will happen is those badgers around the edge of the cull area will notice a lack of badgers over the hill as it were, Hay, that's prime badger territory they will say and move in, bringing or not bringing bovine TB. (Depends on who you believe.) 

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