Friday, 11 October 2013

Gold, the bus not the metal

Since the Gold started I have been taking my tablet to work, not to use it there. I have 5 computers to play with at work. No, I want to try out the free Wi-Fi system the Stagecoach boast about on their new service. Now I don't get the Gold to work. It leaves the Harbour at either 15 minutes past the hour or 15 minutes to the hour. So the 09:15 is too early for me, I would have to pay and the 09:45 would get me to work a bit late. I start at 10:00 at Eat The Frog, opposite Victoria Park in Paignton.

It's coming home that I am interested in. But the 12 and 12A go past 10 times an hour and the Gold only twice an hour so it's a good chance the first bus along won't be the Gold. Then on Wednesday the first bus along was a Gold. Guess what, for the first time in two weeks I hadn't taken my tablet to work so no chance to check the Wi-Fi.

 One thing I did notice though, people all the way into Torquay were getting on and off the bus, using it just like a 12 or 12A. There were a number of pupils from Paignton Community College on the bus as well. It looks like the Gold service will pick up passengers along that route in a way the X80 never did. Anyway FirstBus are stopping running the X80/X81 at the end of the month, on the 27th I hear.

The Gold has just the same ticket machine and prices at the other Stagecoach buses and one added attraction, you can use a Torbay Day Rider (cost £5.10. Please have a ten pence coin handy if you pay with a note) as far as Totnes and onto Dartmouth. Going to Plymouth is extra unless you have a "free bus pass".

Bloody cold yesterday morning, looks like autumn is finally on it's way.

There was an item in the Herald Express during the week. Our wonderful mayor (elected) wants to give Torbay to Devon County Council. Good idea or bad idea?


Cabbie J said...

What made me laugh was seeing an old Trident sat at the library in Torquay with the Gold destie up.

David said...

The 12A is now just an other bit of bus history. The 22 service has replaced it and runs from Marychurch, onto the Strand, up Fleet St and Abbey Rd and down Belgrave Rd before heading to Paignton Zoo and South Devon College.

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