Saturday, 5 October 2013

Visit from the Police

At work the other day in Paignton’s Eat That Frog we were slightly disturbed by a helicopter hovering overhead. It wasn’t visible out the window but it was there for a while making the usual noise a hovering helicopter makes. Looking for bad guys one assumes.

Then in walked a policeman and asked if he could have a look round just to make sure none of the above mentioned bad guys were taking refuge in our workshop.

Fortunately no arrests were made.
Later on I was just about to leave, at 3:15 so I could catch the Stagecoach Gold service when someone asked me if I knew what the police wanted. By the time I had answered that question plus the discussion that followed The Gold bus had left Paignton Bus Station on time, mostly empty, and was just going past the stop at Victoria Park, too late, missed it again. So I caught the Hop 12 instead. Which was full, standing room only 


Cabbie J said...

I don't understand what Stagecoach are trying to accomplish with their Gold service. Or rather, I do, I just don't understand why they are doing it.

I expect half the reason the gold buses are frequently empty is down to people assuming you need a different ticket to board.

I see the Gold buses all the time as I work the harbour mainly, and I very rarely see one with more than a few people on board. Surely the Paignton-Torquay corridor should be busy enough that people would spill off the 12 services onto the Gold?

People use buses because they are economical (or they do not have their own transport). They care about getting from A to B as easily and cheaply as possible. Why set up a 'premier' bus line in direct competition with First's X80/X81 (which is most likely cheaper)?

I recently got a letter from Stagecoach offering me a free week's bus pass along with a nice letter and a brochure telling me all about buses and how to use them. Not sure how they know my name and address other than from when I visited the depot a few years ago asking about a job...

Perhaps they are trying to peel people away from their cars?

DG875 said...

The problem has always been the poor quality of First buses and the reliability has not been good. In any case First are stopping the X80/81 on 27th October- In fact Gold seems to be equal or even cheaper in fares- Just poor advertising by Stagecoach. A Stagecoah day rider will now cover you to Totnes and Dartmouth- BUT who knows about it?

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