Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hello, long time no see.

It will soon be the longest day, again. Sadly though, I won't be driving a bus anytime soon.

I did notice that The Herald Express, our local paper, did use one of my photos recently to illustrate a story. I sent them the photo after they used a Stagecoach bus done up in the pre 2000 livery, very old fashioned.

The photo was taken on Paignton Green at some show or other.

Bye for now.


Steve said...

Good to see you back, Dave. I'm now driving buses myself. I wish I'd started earlier, it's a lot better job than some I've had.

David said...

I just pop back to this blog now and then. Not bus driving any more and I agree, it's a great job providing you have the right attitude. Enjoy and time passes, hate and each day lasts for ever.

I now spend 3 days a week showing people how to look for work on line. Useful but not as interesting as bus driving.