Thursday, 30 March 2006

Kingskerswell By Pass

When I got to Sydney on Tuesday morning, my sister picked me up at the air port at 7 30 am which was very nice of her. Problem was we were now driving through the morning rush hour. Sydney, like all big cities now has a rush hour that starts about 7 in the morning and dies away about 7 in the evening with a slight easing up about midday.

In Torquay we have a morning rush hour that lasts 20 mins from about 8 30 till 10 to 9 and in the evening from 3 30 til 4 30. Except for the main road through Kingskerswell. There it is rush hour all day long. A bit like as in the photo.

The traffic just never let up for the 10 mile journey and it didn't seem to make much difference if you were going out of town or into town. It kept looking like this. Every where. It makes me happy that, much as I like Sydney, that I am not driving a bus here.

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