Wednesday, 29 March 2006

On Holiday

This came as a little suprise. When I booked my holiday I looked at a few flights before deciding on the one I took. Most of then went via Singapore but this one came by Bangkok. Not much differance really unless you are a smoker. In Singapore the Smoking Room is also called the Cactas Garden and is outside and has lots of nice benches for us to sit on whilest we indulged in our addiction. There are drinking fountains and nice views round the airport and all though the temperature can be 38C there is usually a cooling wind drifting by.
However in Bangkok they have a nasty view of drug addicts and we are forced into this small cabin. There is no air con, the windows don't open and the walls and ceiling were white when painted in 1995 but are now a very objectionable brown. At one point there were 30 of us in there with 3 seats to go round.
I think I will stop smoking while I am away so I don't have to go in there on the way home.
Just to give you a little clue as to where I am going for my very, very well earned holiday. If this plane isn't enough then let me tell you that this is Bangkok and I am 13 hours in to the journey and there is an other 8 1/2 hours to go once the plane is cleaned and refulled. Photo of the other Harbour Bridge when I have taken some.


Anonymous said...

God! you're not going to Brighton are you?

Anonymous said...

Sydney, on Qantas! I would have gone BA via Singapore to be honest ;-)

Loving your work on the blog, i found you through Tom Reynolds (Random Reality).