Friday, 20 May 2011

Torbay Public Transport Guide

The Torbay Public Transport Guide came out today and will shortly be available at Information Centres, Stagecoach Travel Shops and other outlets. It contains a complete set of timetables for all bus and train services that serve Torbay. It also has detailed maps of the service and where to catch the bus you want. Plus other bits of information any determined bus traveller might need. One photo shows the front cover so you know what to look for and the second photo shows who has pride of place on the inside of the front cover. Eat your heart out Stagecoach, Dial a bus, Riverlink and Country bus. Oh yes and Firstbus.

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driving instructor mansfield said...

A lot of my students can't wait to stop getting the bus! But I think you miss it once you are driving for so long