Friday, 20 May 2011

Parking is a Pain and Visitors from Wales, bless them.

More people than ever seem to think that parking on a bus stop or in a loading bay is a good idea. Well it isn't. It either means we have to stop away from the bus stop or park in the middle of the road and block the second most busy road in the town.

On a lighter note. A special group of old age pensioners got on the bus today. Now I haven't anything against OAPs, I am one myself and many of our passengers fall into this age bracket. A lot of them, especially the visitors approach and ask can they use their bus pass. The answer I always give them is, "Yes provided it is an English one." Nothing against visitors from other parts of the UK of course but from personal experience I know I can not use my bus pass in Wales or Scotland. I've never been to Northern Ireland but I have a feeling their bus drivers don't accept English passes, so we don't accept theirs. The group of OAPs that boarded the bus today were special because they came from Wales and had to pay with real money and we make a bigger profit when that happens. I love the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irelanders, especially the OAP kind. Please come and visit beautiful Torbay and come for a ride, or two or even three on Devonian Motor Services. We run from Torbay Rd Paignton to Cockington Village, (mentioned in Doomsday) service 50 and a circular trip round some of the Bays best views on service 500.

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Incidentally, yesterday I took a bus full (almost) of visitors to Cockington and as I pulled up announced we had arrived by saying "Cockington Village as mentioned in Doomsday." One of the departing passengers then asked if the bus had also been mentioned in Doomsday. Cheek.

And finally, check this out for scary. It's about a hero bus driver who saved his 40 passengers from a fiery end.

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Anonymous said...

We Welsh don't mind paying as we charge you English twice the price on our buses. Clever see?